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The biggest risk to any business is being cash-strapped. A majority of businesses flop in the U.S. due to their inability to get business startup loans.

Factoring companies can be a great alternative for many businesses today when getting loans from traditional banking resources is difficult. Also, more often than not, you get more than you can borrow by factoring.

Factoring finance involves transferring the ownership of your accounts receivable to a professional company often called "the factor."Generally, your factoring partner advances money based on your portfolio of accounts receivable or invoices which is usually a high percentage of the balance due to you. You have access to cash you need now and you pay back the balance in time by also including a factoring fee.

My Factoring Network matches businesses that require factoring services for their cash flow needs and factors/lenders that want to provide those services. Our services help create an opportunity where businesses are more likely to find the right factor and factors are able to find the customers that they are looking for.

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5 Motivational Quotes Every Entrepreneur Should Know

5 Motivational Quotes Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Running your own business can be demanding, stressful, and just plain difficult for the average person. Even if you’ve been doing it for years, you’re still going to have days when it seems like all of your business prowess and acumen are being put to the test. That’s when it’s important to take some inspiration(…)

11 Smart Money Management Tips for Your Business

11 Smart Money Management Tips for Your Business

Proper management of business finance is important to achieve success and growth. It becomes difficult and challenging for small businesses to manage their business finances effectively as their business grow and they acquire new clients.  However, with the right knowledge and following good practices, you can manage and organize your business finance effectively.

Cash Flow Management: 10 Mistakes You Can Avoid

Cash Flow Management: 10 Mistakes You Can Avoid

Cash flow is a concept that can be pretty hard for small business owners to understand, especially if they aren’t the types that went to business school and graduated with honors. However, cash flow is an important concept and one that can get you in trouble if you don’t care for your money the right(…)

Account Receivable: Is It an Asset or Revenue?

Account Receivable: Is It an Asset or Revenue?

The accounting term “account receivable” means the money that is owed to a company by a customer. It often corresponds with an invoice for future payment. Since this value can eventually be converted to cash, it is considered an asset.

Steps to Figure Out How Much Money You Need to Borrow

The best way to start a business is to avoid rushing into a big loan or going on a spending spree with your own cash. It’s better to be patient and develop a sensible plan that does not put a strain on your finances.

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My Factoring Network is the best small business factoring company which helps in financing all small businesses with account receivables financing.
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