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Invoice Factoring – A Perfect Solution for Your Cash Flow Needs

Need regular cash flow for your business? My Factoring Network provides invoice factoring services to businesses that need cash to meet their financial obligations, for their growth and expansion. We help in matching businesses that require factoring services for their cash flow needs and lenders/ factors that provide those services.

Many businesses face cash flow problems – they need money to pay their employees and suppliers, pay their taxes or for other critical business expenses. Getting loans from traditional financial institutions and banks can be a long, difficult and painful process. That’s where factoring companies can help you!

My Factoring Network helps in solving your short-term cash flow problems. We help you get the necessary working capital to meet your business expenses by providing you cash on your account receivable. Take advantage of invoice factoring services and help your business to grow!

We help in creating an opportunity where businesses can find the right factor and factoring finance companies can get the right customers they are looking for. We help you get the cash in advance based on your portfolio of invoices or account receivable. You can pay back the balance in time after including a factoring fee.

Get the cash flow you need now, and fuel the growth of your business! Take 2 minutes & fill out an app today!  

Know Your Business & What You Need

We will need some basic information about your business including your EIN number.


Complete the Application, it only takes a few minutes.

Lender-Businessman Cross-Matching in a day!

Automatic and hassle- free matching of your business with the right lenders.

Why choose Us

why_chose_us MyFactoringNetwork.com is pioneering the strategic online matching of business that require account receivable, factoring services for their cash flow needs and factors/lenders that want to provide those services.

About Pricing

about_pricing Your cost of factoring is based on the discount rate you agree to with your factoring company. The discount rate is defined: the amount the factoring company will take from your accounts receivable after they are paid in full.

How It Works

how_it_works When a small business sells on credit, it does not have immediate access to the cash it needs for day-to-day operations. An invoice factoring service or account receivable factoring can solve that problem.

Why Do Customers Love Our Services


Line of Credit extended to Ken – $50,000 Searching online financial sites, Ken “came across MyFactoringNetwork.com and signed up”. The sign up process “was very simple, very easy to understand and it is a great concept too”. Signing up as a business borrower was really easy. I really liked “having 3 lenders competing for my business, I felt like I could make a much better selection and find a lender who was going to be more of a partner than just a lender. Thank you My Factoring Network.

Ken S. (Owner)

Light manufacturer, Anaheim, California

I was tearing my hair out trying to collect my money so I applied. It was quick and easy. I got 2 calls the next day, both of them were professional and interested in my business. I picked the one I thought best and it has worked out great. I recommend MFN as their unique matching system really works.

Bobby S. (Owner)

DM Manufacturing, Houston, TX

This is a great service. I didn't know who to call or how to find them. They took all the worry away and found lenders that actually wanted to lend to me... my bank sure didn't want to help. Anyway, they were great, I got the money and business is good.

Chase L. (Owner)

Associate Temp Agency, Dallas, TX

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logo My Factoring Network aims at connecting business to capital resource through online factoring finance. They help businesses and lenders in finding the perfect match which helps business in eliminating cash flow problems by avoiding debt..
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